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APS Ethical Guidelines - free for new members*

PRICE: $70.00 (ex GST)
MEMBERS PRICE: $25.00 (ex GST)

APS Ethical Guidelines 15th Edition (July 2019) *IMPORTANT: New members receive a FREE COPY of APS...

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APS Code of Ethics - free for new members*

PRICE: $20.00 (ex GST)
MEMBERS PRICE: $12.00 (ex GST)

APS Code of EthicsAPS members are required to abide by the APS Code of Ethics, which sets out the...

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The Power of Minds

PRICE: $63.59 (ex GST)
MEMBERS PRICE: $63.59 (ex GST)

Hardback illustrated history of Australian Psychological Society, 191 pages

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Practice guide for the use of psychological tests and...

PRICE: $35.00 (ex GST)
MEMBERS PRICE: $15.00 (ex GST)

This guide provides advice and identifies competencies for psychologists undertaking psychological testing. A4 32pp

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Evidence-based Psychological Interventions in the...

PRICE: $80.00 (ex GST)
MEMBERS PRICE: $40.00 (ex GST)

Evidence-based Psychological Interventions in the treatment of Mental Disorders

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Ways to Thrive - A3 Poster

PRICE: Free (ex GST)
A3 poster, single sided*while stocks last*  Please note that freight costs apply.

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Psychological First Aid: An Australian Guide

PRICE: $4.16 (ex GST)

Psychological First Aid: An Australian Guide This psychological first aid guide is for people working in...

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Wise Ways to Win

PRICE: $15.00 (ex GST)
MEMBERS PRICE: $13.50 (ex GST)

Out of stock
Wise Ways to Win - children's book. Helpful techniques for managing conflict resolution, compromise and cooperation...


Meeting of Minds Book

PRICE: $45.00 (ex GST)
MEMBERS PRICE: $40.50 (ex GST)

A meeting of minds - Simon Cooke A Meeting of Minds traces the sometimes turbulent past of psychology in Australia...

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